Earlier this month I spent two weeks on the road with Oakland based band, Babewatch, as they traveled to SXSW 2017 in Austin, Texas. On the way to Austin, Babewatch played shows in Los Angeles and Tucson, AZ.

SXSW was an eventful and exciting experience. All week long the city was packed to the brim with musicians, artists, celebrities, and visitors taking in the event's bountiful film screenings, conferences, and live shows. Babewatch played a handful of shows throughout the city and they finished off the week in San Antonio at Burger Records' Hangover Fest. 

The "SXSW : VIGNETTES" below give a glimpse into the everyday happenings at SXSW 2017. 





At the end of this summer I met up with my good friends, The Lulls, as they began the second leg of their North American tour. I compiled a brief recap video from their album release show in New York City as well as their shows in Toronto and Chicago.

The Lulls debut album, "Island of Daughters", is now available on iTunes, Spotify, & Soundcloud.

Music by: The Lulls - "Bruise" (www.lullsofficial.com)


Last month, Aloha Beach Club put on their second annual Big Sur Field Trip at Fernwood Resort. Friends from all over California came together for three days of fun in the redwoods. The weekend consisted of camping, surfing, and wrapped up with a night of music featuring DJ duo, Sunburnt Reynolds, Oakland based band, Half Stack, and San Diego trio, The Lulls

35mm Photographs // Fuji Superia 400. 


For the last couple of years the end of summer has been celebrated during quick trips to Mexico. As swells pop-up on the forecast and friends come to town looking for waves, we pack into the van for a day. Sometimes being so close to Mexico takes away from its mystique and allure, but in all reality it's the ideal place to go for a quick surf trip.

Empty waves, morning Tecate Lights, and crisper water welcomed us during our recent jaunt south of the border. It was a special summer and as the "seasons" begin to change in Southern California, more trips to Mexico will be on the horizon. 


Before we began our cross-country trip, countless friends warned us about the drive through Texas. Every time it was discussed we would both just shrug it off and change the subject immediately. Texas did indeed prove to be a dull part of our journey and that’s all I have to say about that. We charged through The Lone Star State in just over twelve hours and made it to New Mexico just in time for sunset.

As we crossed the state line a myriad of desert hues lit up the sky and showed us the way to Las Cruces, NM. After logging the most sleep of the trip we saddled up for the home stretch of our journey and raced west as the sun rose behind us. As we began seeing signs for Arizona it began to sink in that we were almost home. There were only eight hours between us and our beloved coastal hometown. By the time we crossed into California the excitement became palpable as all of the memories we had made over the last week flashed through my head. We traveled coast to coast in four days and there isn’t a thing I would change about our trip. 


After a few days enjoying the fast paced rhythm of New York City, we boarded a bus to the Nation's Capital. We arrived in Washington D.C. just before sunset. The sweltering heat just outside of the Metro Station marked the beginning of a very common activity throughout our trip, sweating profusely. As we headed across town to pick up our new set of wheels for the remainder of the journey, the streets of D.C. remained buzzing after the Pride Festival held earlier in the day. By the time we loaded up the cherry red Ford E-350 (fittingly named, Rhonda, by her old owners) it was 3:00 am. We raced through the darkness to a rest stop in Northern Virginia where we both fell asleep as the sun rose. Three hours later we woke up drenched in sweat, disheveled, and feeling like we had been left in a convection oven overnight.

By the time we reached a Starbucks in Harrisonburg, VA the news about the events that transpired in Orlando began flooding the internet. It was extremely difficult to comprehend and understand why something so senseless could happen, as we sat surrounded by people going about their Sunday routine completely unaffected. It was hard to sit in silence behind my laptop watching the updates trickle in. We ended up driving all day until we reached Nashville, TN. Due to the Country Music Festival Nashville felt like a complete ghost town. The bars and streets were eerily empty as we slipped into a local diner for a midnight omelette. As we drove through downtown, the Seigenthaler Bridge was illuminated with the colors of a rainbow. It was a beautiful sight to witness. After a quick rinse at a local lake the next morning, we packed up Rhonda and hit the road with our sights set on Dallas, TX. 


Last week, my friend and I flew to Boston and began a week-long, cross country trip. Immediately after landing at Logan Airport we boarded a bus to New York City. We traveled through the night and arrived in Manhattan just after midnight. After missing our train to Bushwick, Brooklyn we elected to travel above ground to our sleeping quarters. 

We spent three days visiting friends and local sights in the Big Apple. It was great visiting the diverse group of friends that I have out in New York before we began our swift trek back to California. 


I've made the trek out to Joshua Tree a handful of times since the summer of 2014 and every trip has outshined the one preceding it. My most recent jaunt was last week for the 2nd Annual Desert & Denim Trade Show put on by Juniper Ridge

Located at the Mojave Sands Motel, Desert & Denim brought a plethora of colorful brands together to showcase their wares. As assortments of intriguing individuals from all walks of life toured the vendors booths, it produced an atmosphere unlike anything I've ever been a part of. The combination of music, art, clothing, and creative humans commingling together with the Mojave Desert as the background made for an eventful two days. 

Juniper Ridge has coined Desert & Denim as "The World's Premier Renegade Trade Show" and I couldn't agree more. It surpassed my expectations and it was the most fulfilling experience I've had at a trade show. I can't wait to head out again next year. 

For more about Desert & Denim visit: www.desertanddenim.com


Weekend camp trips can be pretty hectic if you have a big group of friends or a limited amount of time at your camping destination. Perched atop the bluffs overlooking San Clemente State Beach, The Holidaysoffers beach campers a super convenient and unique camping experience. They currently have four trailers set up around the perimeter of a large camping plot located in the heart of the San Clemente State Beach campground. 

The crew at, Aloha Beach Club, had the opportunity to stay at The Holidays early last month and it was a blast. The trailers are perfect for families and/or groups of friends looking to getaway for the weekend. The beach is a five minute walk from the site and the trailers offer a plethora of amenities, which makes the entire experience seamless. I highly recommend looking into a reservation if you have a trip planned to San Clemente in the near future. 

For more information about The Holidays visit: www.theholidaysca.com


The first time I visited New York City the entire city lost power for two whole days. Midway through lunch at the ESPN Center at Times Square, my mom and I watched as every television screen in the restaurant fizzled out instantaneously. As a kid I didn’t understand the severity of the situation until we walked outside into the heart of Manhattan and I realized that every scrolling banner, screen, and light in the city was blown out like a birthday candle. It was the closest experience to the apocalypse that I hope to ever to have. 

Since the summer of ’03, I’ve been back to New York a bunch of times. Every trip has been an absolute blast. I just got back from a week in Brooklyn and I have nothing but good things to reminisce about. There’s something extremely special about that city and it continues to mystify me every time I visit. 

I made a quick visit to the Knickerbocker Mfg. showroom and factory in Brooklyn and I highly suggest checking out their wares. They design and manufacture everything in house. Give 'em a gander here


Roberta's ~ Pizza: Margherita

Cafe Colette ~ Drinks: Arnold Salazar

Noorman’s Kil ~ Food & Drinks: Solana Sandwich & Picklebacks

Webster Hall ~ Live Music

Enid’s ~ Dancing & Late Night Shenanigans 

On the Road: Northern California.

Last month, I wrapped up my California road trip a few hours north of San Francisco. I met up with my friend, Kelsey, and she kindly showed me around her old stomping grounds. We split our day and spent it at the coast in the morning, then finished it up at a warm water lake in the forest. I had never visited that part of the coast and I couldn't have asked for a better, local tour guide. 

The water was warm, the waves were fun, and the mid-day hike was invigorating. California is such a unique part of the world because it offers a myriad of beautiful places to explore in a close proximity to one another. I cannot wait to visit that stretch of the coast again real soon. 

On the Road: Big Sur.

Over the last five years I've become extremely familiar with the drive from Southern California to the Bay Area. It used to be a pain because it meant I was headed back to school for a new quarter, but now I can take my time and experience some of California's most interesting spots. During my last road trip up the coast I took an alternative route and drove north on Highway 1. Having only driven it a couple times in my life, I found it to be extremely relaxing and almost meditative this time around. 

It's rare to have a sense of seclusion and independence from the outside world when you live in Southern California. Connection to the grid is unavoidable and being surrounded by an outrageous amount of people becomes way too familiar. Slowly weaving up and down the steep coastal cliffs put a lot into perspective for me. I had hours to collect my thoughts and think back on fond memories spent living only two hours from Big Sur. It's amazing how raw and almost completely untouched the coastline is in Big Sur. It's hard to describe it to someone whose never been because there is nothing to compare it to in California. 

I ended up spending two nights in Northern Big Sur, during my week long road trip, and they ended being the best two nights of sleep I had. 

On the Road: Sedona.

Driving into Sedona is beautiful. We traversed a super curvy road situated on the side of a rocky cliff in search of our camp site. Once we reached the base of the cliff we drove through a lush green forest. The change in scenery was instantaneous when we got past our camp site and drove to the outskirts of Downtown Sedona. The striking greens of the forest receded in comparison to the stark reds from the famous rock formations scattered throughout the region. The stacked rocks that have been molded over the last thousands of years look exactly like a magnified version of the rocks you zip past when riding on Disneyland's Thunder Mountain. 

I found myself mesmerized by the scenes outside the car window up until we abruptly entered downtown. My fascination with the natural surroundings quickly came to a halt, literally and figuratively as we sat at a cross-walk waiting for herds of tourists to decide which chain restaurant to eat at before going into the strip of cheesy gift shops. By the time we made it through the tourist trap, we realized we had completely missed the turn off for the creek we were looking to swim at. After one more lap through downtown we made it to a secluded creek for a much needed dip. The water felt amazing. We spent the entire afternoon swimming, rock jumping, and exploring the small water falls further down the creek bed. 

In the morning we met up with a good friend and hiked out to Devil's Bridge. I received a text from a friend as we drove into Sedona saying that we had to head out to the bridge at some point during our visit. It ended up being the best hike we went on during the trip. The three-sixty view you get from the top of the bridge is unbelievable. It was picturesque to say the least. Sedona was a good choice. 

For more snapshots from the trip visit: instagram.com/theslipperysaltwaterchronicles

On The Road: Grand Canyon.

The first time I visited the Grand Canyon, I was the ripe old age of eleven. Up until a week ago I couldn't remember anything about that first visit. My mom had to remind me that we stopped by and walked along the rim of the canyon during our cross-country road trip. When I visited two weeks ago the magnitude and scale of the canyon was more than enough to leave a long lasting and vivid impression on my memory bank. 

Maybe it's because I'm older and have a greater appreciation for visiting world renowned landmarks or maybe it's because we spent just under four hours walking the South Rim basking in the canyon's glory. I highly recommend walking along the canyon on both sides if you have the opportunity. Watching the colors change throughout the canyon in the evening is unlike anything I've ever seen. The deep red rocks paired with the soft blue sky starts to look like a painting if you stare long enough. Watching the sun set with dozens of strangers near the visitor center was the perfect way to celebrate the half way mark of our Southwestern Saunter

For more snapshots from the trip visit: instagram.com/theslipperysaltwaterchronicles

On the Road: Valley of Fire.

Last week my good friend, Taryn, and I hit the road to explore the American Southwest. We left Los Angeles with only two definitive plans. One was to take a tour of Antelope Canyon, Arizona and the other was to spend a night in Sedona, Arizona. We left the rest up to chance and spotty GPS signal in order to guide us to and from each point. 

Taryn is moving to the tropics next month and she wanted to get one last road trip under her belt before reseting her clock to island time. Having only spent a handful of hours in Arizona and Utah I jumped at the opportunity to explore a pretty foreign region of our vast nation. 

We spent our first night just under an hour outside of the oh so unnatural city of Las Vegas. We made camp in between two towering walls of red rocks at sunset and spent the night sharing stories on the itchiest, fiberglass picnic benches ever. Before passing out underneath a sea of stars, we joked about all of the chumps gorging themselves at cheap buffets in between draining their bank accounts in the ol' City of Sin. 

We woke up with the sides of our tent dangling inches from our faces as the early morning heat began to consume our once shady campsite. The roaring desert winds broke one of our main tent poles in the middle of the night, which made for a pretty funny morning as we tried to channel our inner McGyver to fix up our sad excuse of a temporary home. After solving, what would be our only hiccup throughout our week-long trip, we hiked through Valley of Fire. Perched on rocks like lizards we found ourselves alone in one of the most unique landscapes in the country.

Valley of Fire's proximity to Las Vegas was astonishing and extremely notable. We both agreed that it's comical how two spectacularly opposite places can be so damn close. Vegas' strange disconnect from the natural world and the real world seemed like such horrible place to spend time away from the daily grind, when compared with the sights we visitied within the valley. On a map Valley of Fire's geographic location may be nestled near one of the world's most stimulating big cities, but it ended up being one of our favorite places because its solitude and isolation is surprisingly comfortable. 

Stay tuned for more photos and stories from our week long Southwestern Saunter


Earlier this February I went on a two day trip to Maui with my good friend John Hook. John is a professional photographer based on Oahu. He was asked to shoot the notable towns around Maui for one of the magazines that he works for. I tagged along and followed John as he shot photos of hippies in Paia, a family in Makawao, and the sun rise atop the volcano responsible for Maui's landmass, Haleakala.

The sunrise at Haleakala is something that I've always been told to check out, but it wasn't until this trip that I was able to fully bask in all of its glory. After buying a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in the wee hours of the morning, John and I drove the winding road to Haleakala's summit. It was quite a spectacle and one of the coolest things I've witnessed. Every hue of red, orange, yellow, and blue filled the sky over the Mars-like terrain. It was a truly breathtaking experience. 


One year ago today I was in paradise celebrating the love that two of my dear friend's share for each other. It was a picturesque wedding nestled in the heart of Waimea Valley on Oahu's North Shore. The hot sun was beating down on us as we sat anticipating the arrival of the beautiful bride. As I sat surrounded by some of my closest friends at the small ceremony, I was overcome with so much joy. I will always remember the moment that Christian and Heather locked eyes during their vows. It was such a special moment to share with them as they began this new chapter of life together. 

As the ceremony came to a close a massive storm cloud rolled in over the valley. They shared their first kiss together as newly weds and while they were walking down the aisle hand in hand, an eruption of warm, tropical rain surrounded us all. It was by far one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. As we all huddled together under a massive banyan tree, everyone had the biggest grins on their faces. Love was truly in the air and it was hard not to acknowledge the beauty that we were a part of. Christian was smiling ear to ear as he and Heather shared a warm embrace with not a care in the world. In that moment the most exciting chapter of their lives was beginning. 


Prior to last summer, I had never visited Joshua Tree. After a fun weekend camping trip in the mid-summer heat I made it a priority to get back out there as soon as possible. Last month, I headed back with a few friends from college for another three-day stint. Having grown up in a coastal community I never understood the allure of the desert or why so many people flocked to such a barren landscape. 

From my two trips to Joshua Tree I've realized that the seemingly sparse landscape is actually the perfect place to go when things get stressful or overwhelming. In a time where people are consumed by technology and forced to be a part of "the grid", Joshua Tree offers a great deal of solitude. Being disconnected from the outside world is surprisingly satisfying and the perfect way to spend time re-evaluating priorities. 

Joshua Tree has an amazing variety of places to climb, hike, and explore all within close proximity to each other. Camping at Jumbo Rocks is a must, due to the site's surroundings, especially at sunset. I highly recommend visiting Keys View in order to gain a better perspective of where the park is situated within the desert.