This short film entitled, Kahana Kalama ~ Volume 1, is an introductory piece about Aloha Beach Club co-owner & Banks Journal Comrade, Kahana Kalama, his surfing, and how he splits his time between California & Hawaii. 

Aloha Beach Club hosted the film's premiere earlier this month at the North Park Flagship where refreshments were supplied by Coronado Brewing Company and Guayakí Yerba Mate. There was also an afterparty featuring a live performance by Los Angeles based band, SPINDRIFT, at Seven Grand San Diego.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who made it to the premiere, the crew at Aloha Beach Club for hosting, & the Banks Journal team for supporting the film and event.

Photos by: Sergey Kolivayko

DISPATCH: "sa·cré bleu" ~ A SHORT FILM.

Last week, the entire California coast was gifted seven days of picturesque waves. Spots that have laid dormant for the last few months came to life in true form. Kahana Kalama and I made it a priority to get out every day while the swells lingered and we came away with this piece entitled, sa·cré bleu


Surfer: Kahana Kalama ~ (

Film & Edit: Evan Schell 


Last month, Aloha Beach Club put on their second annual Big Sur Field Trip at Fernwood Resort. Friends from all over California came together for three days of fun in the redwoods. The weekend consisted of camping, surfing, and wrapped up with a night of music featuring DJ duo, Sunburnt Reynolds, Oakland based band, Half Stack, and San Diego trio, The Lulls

35mm Photographs // Fuji Superia 400. 


For the last couple of years the end of summer has been celebrated during quick trips to Mexico. As swells pop-up on the forecast and friends come to town looking for waves, we pack into the van for a day. Sometimes being so close to Mexico takes away from its mystique and allure, but in all reality it's the ideal place to go for a quick surf trip.

Empty waves, morning Tecate Lights, and crisper water welcomed us during our recent jaunt south of the border. It was a special summer and as the "seasons" begin to change in Southern California, more trips to Mexico will be on the horizon.