Before we began our cross-country trip, countless friends warned us about the drive through Texas. Every time it was discussed we would both just shrug it off and change the subject immediately. Texas did indeed prove to be a dull part of our journey and that’s all I have to say about that. We charged through The Lone Star State in just over twelve hours and made it to New Mexico just in time for sunset.

As we crossed the state line a myriad of desert hues lit up the sky and showed us the way to Las Cruces, NM. After logging the most sleep of the trip we saddled up for the home stretch of our journey and raced west as the sun rose behind us. As we began seeing signs for Arizona it began to sink in that we were almost home. There were only eight hours between us and our beloved coastal hometown. By the time we crossed into California the excitement became palpable as all of the memories we had made over the last week flashed through my head. We traveled coast to coast in four days and there isn’t a thing I would change about our trip.