North Shore


The North Shore is a place oversaturated with stimulation in the wintertime. This winter was lackluster, wave-wise, but it still had short stints of excitement in between misdirected swells and onshore winds. 

North Shore Spam ~ a short edit from two weeks of searching for waves along the “Seven Mile Miracle”. 

Surfers: Cliff Kapono, Kahana Kalama, Ezekiel Lau, Ford Archbold, Shane Borland, Michael Rodrigues, Jesse Mendes, Kyuss King, Colin Moran, Anthony Walsh, Eli Olson, Kainehe Hunt, Ezra Sitt, Ian Gouveia, Dusty Payne, Kiron Jabour, Conner Coffin, & Coconut Willie.

Music by: Sugar Candy Mountain ~ "Soak Up The City" & Skinshape ~ "Summer" 


A grab bag of wave sliding via an assortment of North Shore locals and heaps of visitors. 

Surfers : Balaram Stack, Noa Deane, Ryan Burch, Stephanie Gilmore, Yago Dora, Miguel Pupo, CJ Hobgood, Kahana Kalama, Jack Johnson, Caio Ibelli, Harrison Roach, Leonardo Fioravanti, Ola Eleogram, Dane Reynolds, Hank Gaskell, & Eric Geiselman.

Music: Gang Starr - "Work"

Dispatch: Island Fin Design.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to tour and document the Island Fin Design facilities on the North Shore of Oahu. The Island Fin compound is nestled in a tight knit community of warehouses where historic surfboard builders manufacture boards for the world's best surfers. Island Fin has called the Sugar Mill home for decades now and this short film just barely scratches the surface on the company's history and the man behind the fins, Steve Mock

"Island Fin Design was established on the North Shore of Oahu in 1979 by surfer and craftsman Steve Mock. Since then he has continued to work with many of Hawaii’s legendary board builders and professional surfers. Each of our fins are handmade on the North Shore at our factory in the Old Waialua Sugar Mill. Island Fin Design has become Hawaii’s premier fin supplier, providing a quality product for optimal performance, aesthetic superiority and durability. At Island Fin Design we believe in quality craftsmanship, making things the right way, and taking a classic approach to template and color work trends. Combining these standards with our industry knowledge, we're proud to offer you the best possible fin to suit your style and ride." - Island Fin Design. 

For more about Island Fin Design visit:


One year ago today I was in paradise celebrating the love that two of my dear friend's share for each other. It was a picturesque wedding nestled in the heart of Waimea Valley on Oahu's North Shore. The hot sun was beating down on us as we sat anticipating the arrival of the beautiful bride. As I sat surrounded by some of my closest friends at the small ceremony, I was overcome with so much joy. I will always remember the moment that Christian and Heather locked eyes during their vows. It was such a special moment to share with them as they began this new chapter of life together. 

As the ceremony came to a close a massive storm cloud rolled in over the valley. They shared their first kiss together as newly weds and while they were walking down the aisle hand in hand, an eruption of warm, tropical rain surrounded us all. It was by far one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. As we all huddled together under a massive banyan tree, everyone had the biggest grins on their faces. Love was truly in the air and it was hard not to acknowledge the beauty that we were a part of. Christian was smiling ear to ear as he and Heather shared a warm embrace with not a care in the world. In that moment the most exciting chapter of their lives was beginning.