The first time I visited New York City the entire city lost power for two whole days. Midway through lunch at the ESPN Center at Times Square, my mom and I watched as every television screen in the restaurant fizzled out instantaneously. As a kid I didn’t understand the severity of the situation until we walked outside into the heart of Manhattan and I realized that every scrolling banner, screen, and light in the city was blown out like a birthday candle. It was the closest experience to the apocalypse that I hope to ever to have. 

Since the summer of ’03, I’ve been back to New York a bunch of times. Every trip has been an absolute blast. I just got back from a week in Brooklyn and I have nothing but good things to reminisce about. There’s something extremely special about that city and it continues to mystify me every time I visit. 

I made a quick visit to the Knickerbocker Mfg. showroom and factory in Brooklyn and I highly suggest checking out their wares. They design and manufacture everything in house. Give 'em a gander here


Roberta's ~ Pizza: Margherita

Cafe Colette ~ Drinks: Arnold Salazar

Noorman’s Kil ~ Food & Drinks: Solana Sandwich & Picklebacks

Webster Hall ~ Live Music

Enid’s ~ Dancing & Late Night Shenanigans