On The Road: Grand Canyon.

The first time I visited the Grand Canyon, I was the ripe old age of eleven. Up until a week ago I couldn't remember anything about that first visit. My mom had to remind me that we stopped by and walked along the rim of the canyon during our cross-country road trip. When I visited two weeks ago the magnitude and scale of the canyon was more than enough to leave a long lasting and vivid impression on my memory bank. 

Maybe it's because I'm older and have a greater appreciation for visiting world renowned landmarks or maybe it's because we spent just under four hours walking the South Rim basking in the canyon's glory. I highly recommend walking along the canyon on both sides if you have the opportunity. Watching the colors change throughout the canyon in the evening is unlike anything I've ever seen. The deep red rocks paired with the soft blue sky starts to look like a painting if you stare long enough. Watching the sun set with dozens of strangers near the visitor center was the perfect way to celebrate the half way mark of our Southwestern Saunter

For more snapshots from the trip visit: instagram.com/theslipperysaltwaterchronicles