I've made the trek out to Joshua Tree a handful of times since the summer of 2014 and every trip has outshined the one preceding it. My most recent jaunt was last week for the 2nd Annual Desert & Denim Trade Show put on by Juniper Ridge

Located at the Mojave Sands Motel, Desert & Denim brought a plethora of colorful brands together to showcase their wares. As assortments of intriguing individuals from all walks of life toured the vendors booths, it produced an atmosphere unlike anything I've ever been a part of. The combination of music, art, clothing, and creative humans commingling together with the Mojave Desert as the background made for an eventful two days. 

Juniper Ridge has coined Desert & Denim as "The World's Premier Renegade Trade Show" and I couldn't agree more. It surpassed my expectations and it was the most fulfilling experience I've had at a trade show. I can't wait to head out again next year. 

For more about Desert & Denim visit: www.desertanddenim.com