Prior to last summer, I had never visited Joshua Tree. After a fun weekend camping trip in the mid-summer heat I made it a priority to get back out there as soon as possible. Last month, I headed back with a few friends from college for another three-day stint. Having grown up in a coastal community I never understood the allure of the desert or why so many people flocked to such a barren landscape. 

From my two trips to Joshua Tree I've realized that the seemingly sparse landscape is actually the perfect place to go when things get stressful or overwhelming. In a time where people are consumed by technology and forced to be a part of "the grid", Joshua Tree offers a great deal of solitude. Being disconnected from the outside world is surprisingly satisfying and the perfect way to spend time re-evaluating priorities. 

Joshua Tree has an amazing variety of places to climb, hike, and explore all within close proximity to each other. Camping at Jumbo Rocks is a must, due to the site's surroundings, especially at sunset. I highly recommend visiting Keys View in order to gain a better perspective of where the park is situated within the desert.