New York


Last week, my friend and I flew to Boston and began a week-long, cross country trip. Immediately after landing at Logan Airport we boarded a bus to New York City. We traveled through the night and arrived in Manhattan just after midnight. After missing our train to Bushwick, Brooklyn we elected to travel above ground to our sleeping quarters. 

We spent three days visiting friends and local sights in the Big Apple. It was great visiting the diverse group of friends that I have out in New York before we began our swift trek back to California. 


The first time I visited New York City the entire city lost power for two whole days. Midway through lunch at the ESPN Center at Times Square, my mom and I watched as every television screen in the restaurant fizzled out instantaneously. As a kid I didn’t understand the severity of the situation until we walked outside into the heart of Manhattan and I realized that every scrolling banner, screen, and light in the city was blown out like a birthday candle. It was the closest experience to the apocalypse that I hope to ever to have. 

Since the summer of ’03, I’ve been back to New York a bunch of times. Every trip has been an absolute blast. I just got back from a week in Brooklyn and I have nothing but good things to reminisce about. There’s something extremely special about that city and it continues to mystify me every time I visit. 

I made a quick visit to the Knickerbocker Mfg. showroom and factory in Brooklyn and I highly suggest checking out their wares. They design and manufacture everything in house. Give 'em a gander here


Roberta's ~ Pizza: Margherita

Cafe Colette ~ Drinks: Arnold Salazar

Noorman’s Kil ~ Food & Drinks: Solana Sandwich & Picklebacks

Webster Hall ~ Live Music

Enid’s ~ Dancing & Late Night Shenanigans