Earlier this summer I spent three and a half weeks in Fiji documenting a medical research project for USC. The research centered around the alarming rate of diabetes within the Fijian Islands, specifically the Mamanuca Islands in Northern Fiji.

Currently 30% of the Fijian population will be or has been diagnosed with diabetes. This surge in diabetes stems from an amalgamation of reasons, including agricultural changes throughout the country, a lack of proper medical resources, and globalization. The majority of my trip consisted of documenting one on one interviews with Fijian children discussing their diets, understanding of health, and experiences with family members that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Enjoy this short film that condenses my experience visiting the Fijian villages of Solevu, Yanuya, & Nacula into five, short minutes.

Music by: South Pacific Singers - "Ni Sa Bula" & "Untitled" - Joeli Taole and Siriako Bola.

Film & Edit: Evan Schell. 


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with campers at Camp Wet and Wild, a week long summer camp for kids & adults with special needs. Camp Wet and Wild is run through the City of San Diego Parks & Rec Therapeutic Recreation Services program and this year's surf equipment was provided by AmpSurf, an organization for adaptive surfing based in Pismo Beach. 




Aloha Beach Club and Olive + Oliver present the Interisland Trading Post, an annual marketplace focused on well made goods and the Hawaiian based designers and curators behind them. The inaugural Interisland Trading Post was a curated, open to the public marketplace for makers and craftsmen to showcase and sell ethically and excellently manufactured products with a purpose.

The initial event was geared around building a community of creatively driven young professionals in Honolulu amongst attendees and exhibitors, while instituting Hawaii as a cultural hub for tastemakers within the fashion and apparel industries.

For more about Interisland Trading Post visit: www.alohabeachclub.com


During a recent trip to Mexico, Cliff Kapono tested out a new surfboard made of Varial foam that was shaped by Matty Raynor of Raynor Surfboards. The collaborative work between Varial & Raynor Surfboards is important because consumers are beginning to seek out more durable and sustainable surfboards. Cliff and Matty are currently putting together a short film that documents the overall value of using alternative surfboard materials while also exploring environmentally sound forms of production.

To learn more about Cliff Kapono & his current projects visit: www.instagram.com/cliff_kapono


A few years back Kahana Kalama rode a twin pin shaped by local shaper, Jeff McCallum, for Kookbox Surfboards. We drove up to Lowers to film a little edit of its maiden voyage and the board ended up becoming a staple in Kahana's quiver.

Last month Kahana shaped his very first surfboard. Inspired by the unique shape of the twin pin model developed by the Mirandon brothers of La Jolla, CA in the late 1960s, Kahana tried his hand at creating a similar craft for the looming summer sessions at San Diego's beach breaks.


Earlier this year I sat down with Tony Vontz, the owner of Oakland-based apparel company, Edgevale to discuss the brand's story. Tony delved into the intricacies of what it takes to manufacture goods within his own community and the rewarding aspects of working with local craftsman.

The full interview is available in Stay Wild Magazine's Spring 2016 Issue


Heavily influenced by functional attire of the past, our inspiration for the Gates vest comes from the desire to reinterpret the classic photojournalist vest. We wanted to keep the functional elements of this safari staple while slimming and lengthening the body. The result is a lightweight garment featuring 4 front pockets designed to keep all your travel essentials where you can easily find them.

The Gates is made in Hawaii from a water resistant cotton polyester poplin and field tested during hikes through the Ko’olau mountain range and impromptu escapades to some of Baja’s lesser known surf locales.


Four Pocket Travel Vest - Tailored Slim - Available in: Sand/Natural & Military Green

Fabric Content: 5.46 oz Poplin - 45% Cotton / 65% Poly

Trim: Metal Zippers and Coconut Buttons

For more about the Gates Photojournalist Vest visit: www.alohabeachclub.com


I just restocked my assortment of prints. Currently, I have prints of these six photographs for sale at Aloha Beach Club in North Park, San Diego. Each print is 8" x 10", printed on light, single-weight Mat board, has a lustre finish and costs $40.00. I'm also selling sets of two prints (of your choosing) for $60.00. 

If you're interested in purchasing any of these prints you can either buy them in-store at Aloha Beach Club, online at www.alohabeachclub.com/collections/analogue-convergence, or you can purchase them through my online shop directly.  

I will also be selling custom prints if there are any images that you see on my site that you want printed. For any custom inquires please email me at : (evan@alohabeachclub.com).

This custom 24" x 36" print was just sent to Florida.  


Local surfboard shaper, Josh Oldenburg, recently stopped by Aloha Beach Club and dropped off a fresh, quiver of surfboards that he made with Japanese shaper, Kenji Kono. 

Earlier this summer Josh invited Kenji to visit and shape a collection of surfboards at his new, shop in San Diego. Although this wasn't their first shaping exchange (Josh shaped a collection of boards at Kenji's shop in Japan last year), the entire process was documented for a four-page feature in the newest issue of Japanese surf magazine, Blue. 

I put together this short film, that documents the shaping process from start to finish, for Josh and Kenji. Make sure to stop by Aloha Beach Club, in North Park, to check out these classic shapes. 

To see more of Josh's boards visitJosh Oldenburg Surfboards 

To see more of Kenji's boards visitSurf ID


A grab bag of wave sliding via an assortment of North Shore locals and heaps of visitors. 

Surfers : Balaram Stack, Noa Deane, Ryan Burch, Stephanie Gilmore, Yago Dora, Miguel Pupo, CJ Hobgood, Kahana Kalama, Jack Johnson, Caio Ibelli, Harrison Roach, Leonardo Fioravanti, Ola Eleogram, Dane Reynolds, Hank Gaskell, & Eric Geiselman.

Music: Gang Starr - "Work"


Sunday was a pretty hectic day on the North Shore. Pipeline flexed its power throughout the day and once again proved why it's such a force to be reckoned with.

Surfers : Derek Ho, Torrey Meister, Gabriel Medina, Michael Ho, Evan Valiere, Kaiwi Berry, Tyler Newton, Danny Fuller, Mikey Bruneau, Bruce Irons, Kala Alexander, Wiggolly Dantas, Brett Barley, Jason Frederico, & Owen Wright.

Music: Girls - "Die"


Southern California based artist, Andy Davis, has been creating and sharing his surf inspired art throughout the country and internationally for the last two decades. His newest show entitled, Cooked Just Right, is his first ever solo show in his hometown of Encinitas. Cooked Just Right features new, free-flowing creations that abstract Andy's signature forms and aesthetics.

I was fortunate enough to document Andy's creative process leading up to the show, as well as the show's opening festivities. 

Cooked Just Right: New Works by Andy Davis Nov. 21st - 30th, 2015 at SAID Space (766 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024). 

For more information about Andy Davis visit: www.andydavisdesigns.com


I am currently selling prints of these five photographs at Aloha Beach Club in North Park, San Diego. Each print is printed on light, single-weight Mat board. I currently have a limited stock of 11" x 14" prints that are selling for $75.00. 

If you're interested in purchasing any of these prints you can either buy them in-store at Aloha Beach Club, online at www.alohabeachclub.com/collections/analogue-convergence, or you can email me at: evan@alohabeachclub.com

I will also be selling custom prints if there are any images that you see on my site that you want printed. For any custom inquires please email me at : (evan@alohabeachclub.com). 

This a series of custom 20" x 24" prints that I recently sent out to Florida. 

Dispatch: Use Your Words -- An Urban Typography Book.

My good friend, Shea Sjoberg, made a rad, mixed media book entitled, Use Your Words: An Urban Typography Book. It features Shea's photography and some of his paintings. Shea is a graphic designer based in San Francisco and he specializes in logo and website design. This is a short video that I put together to showcase Use Your Words. Enjoy. 

For more of Shea's work visit: www.sheasjoberg.com

Dispatch: Island Fin Design.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to tour and document the Island Fin Design facilities on the North Shore of Oahu. The Island Fin compound is nestled in a tight knit community of warehouses where historic surfboard builders manufacture boards for the world's best surfers. Island Fin has called the Sugar Mill home for decades now and this short film just barely scratches the surface on the company's history and the man behind the fins, Steve Mock

"Island Fin Design was established on the North Shore of Oahu in 1979 by surfer and craftsman Steve Mock. Since then he has continued to work with many of Hawaii’s legendary board builders and professional surfers. Each of our fins are handmade on the North Shore at our factory in the Old Waialua Sugar Mill. Island Fin Design has become Hawaii’s premier fin supplier, providing a quality product for optimal performance, aesthetic superiority and durability. At Island Fin Design we believe in quality craftsmanship, making things the right way, and taking a classic approach to template and color work trends. Combining these standards with our industry knowledge, we're proud to offer you the best possible fin to suit your style and ride." - Island Fin Design. 

For more about Island Fin Design visit: www.islandfindesign.com

Dispatch: Dear Darling Calligraphy & Co.

My good friend Suzy Lee owns a calligraphy business called, Dear Darling Calligraphy & Co. She specializes in unique, commissioned pieces like this wall mural for a baby nursery. She painted this piece in just under four days and it turned out amazing. 

"Words are only words, but the change they can affect, and the hope they can cultivate is powerful. Words have undoubtedly altered the course of many lives, and I can certainly testify of that in my own."
- Suzy Lee, founder of Dear Darling Calligraphy & Co. 

For more of Suzy's work visit: deardarlingcalligraphy.com & follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/hellosuzylee