Earlier this summer I spent three and a half weeks in Fiji documenting a medical research project for USC. The research centered around the alarming rate of diabetes within the Fijian Islands, specifically the Mamanuca Islands in Northern Fiji.

Currently 30% of the Fijian population will be or has been diagnosed with diabetes. This surge in diabetes stems from an amalgamation of reasons, including agricultural changes throughout the country, a lack of proper medical resources, and globalization. The majority of my trip consisted of documenting one on one interviews with Fijian children discussing their diets, understanding of health, and experiences with family members that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Enjoy this short film that condenses my experience visiting the Fijian villages of Solevu, Yanuya, & Nacula into five, short minutes.

Music by: South Pacific Singers - "Ni Sa Bula" & "Untitled" - Joeli Taole and Siriako Bola.

Film & Edit: Evan Schell.