The South Shore of Oahu is not only a picturesque place to shoot photos, but it's also a stretch of sacred coast that was the backdrop for early surfing in the 1800s. We were fortunate to get a fun, morning session during my trip to Oahu last month.

Surfers: Kahana Kalama, John Hook, & Karu Kyosuke.   


Black's Beach in autumn is pretty unreal. The water is still warm and the waves finally start picking up on a consistent basis. This ended up being the last session I documented before the seasons turned and San Diego got noticeably colder. I'm definitely looking forward to days like this once these storms pass. 


It's the first week of November and the ocean temperature is still unusually warm. Last Monday, our buddy's from Slowtide paid us a visit during a significant pulse in swell that was seen all over the county. So, we went for a splash in the near tropical waters and washed off the Monday blues with them. After the session we put their new, art-inspired towels to the test. I highly recommend getting your hands on one or all eight of them ASAP. 

For more about Slowtide and their debut collection of rad towels visit:

Sessions: Ocean Beach.

The last two mornings have been weird down here in San Diego. The waves have been dismal and the weather has been strange. These photos look like they were all shot in the same day, when in reality one morning was rainy and we had the spot to ourselves, and the other was muggy and crowded. Summer lives on. 

Sessions: Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Earlier this month I ordered a new waterproof film camera to use during the copious amounts of time I spend in the water this time of year. My friends, Taylor & Eveline, came down to San Diego for a quick weekend jaunt and I snapped these photos of them with my new Minolta Weathermatic DL 35. The camera's lens versatility was its main selling point. You can switch between a 35mm and 50mm with the click of a button. 

This is the second roll I have developed and I cannot wait to log some more hours in the water with this bugger. 

Film: Kodak UltraMax 400

Sessions: Black's Beach.

Cliff Kapono is the ultimate subject for a surf photographer. His style is fluid and extremely photogenic, which makes for some great imagery regardless of the conditions. I shot these photos of Cliff during a late afternoon session last winter. 

Cliff just finished up an amazing short film for Surfer Magazine + RED Camera's film series, REDirect. Cliff along with his friend and fellow filmmaker, Jensen Young-Sik, created a breathtaking piece that tells an ancient story about the first interaction between Native Hawaiians and Native Americans on the California coast. I highly recommend watching Cliff and Jensen's film, WATU.