Black's Beach in autumn is pretty unreal. The water is still warm and the waves finally start picking up on a consistent basis. This ended up being the last session I documented before the seasons turned and San Diego got noticeably colder. I'm definitely looking forward to days like this once these storms pass. 

Sessions: Black's Beach.

Cliff Kapono is the ultimate subject for a surf photographer. His style is fluid and extremely photogenic, which makes for some great imagery regardless of the conditions. I shot these photos of Cliff during a late afternoon session last winter. 

Cliff just finished up an amazing short film for Surfer Magazine + RED Camera's film series, REDirect. Cliff along with his friend and fellow filmmaker, Jensen Young-Sik, created a breathtaking piece that tells an ancient story about the first interaction between Native Hawaiians and Native Americans on the California coast. I highly recommend watching Cliff and Jensen's film, WATU.