The North Shore is a place oversaturated with stimulation in the wintertime. This winter was lackluster, wave-wise, but it still had short stints of excitement in between misdirected swells and onshore winds. 

North Shore Spam ~ a short edit from two weeks of searching for waves along the “Seven Mile Miracle”. 

Surfers: Cliff Kapono, Kahana Kalama, Ezekiel Lau, Ford Archbold, Shane Borland, Michael Rodrigues, Jesse Mendes, Kyuss King, Colin Moran, Anthony Walsh, Eli Olson, Kainehe Hunt, Ezra Sitt, Ian Gouveia, Dusty Payne, Kiron Jabour, Conner Coffin, & Coconut Willie.

Music by: Sugar Candy Mountain ~ "Soak Up The City" & Skinshape ~ "Summer"