Photo Shoot

Dispatch: Shoots x Sagebrush Board Bags Collaboration.

Last week I shot a series of photos of the Shoots Sagebrush Board Bags collaboration collection cut and sewn by Anna EhrgottShoots partnered up with Sagebrush Board Bags to create an assortment of unique board bags. Each board bag is hand sewn in Southern California using a Shoots Earth Tone Casa rug and recycled coffee bean sacks. 

Sagebrush Board Bags is an environmentally responsible brand that prides itself on the repurposing of all the materials used to construct each bag, this means that each bag has a distinct look and no two are alike. Each bag is lined with durable, recycled fabric that protects the surfboard from high heat delamination, Chinese wax-jobs, and transit-provoked dings. 

The board bags are available in a range of sizes online here. 

 Click here for more information about Sagebrush Board Bags