Thumbnails is a collection of short films that focus on unique individuals, who have established careers based on their creative interests. Each film focuses on a person that I look up to or admire because of the unwavering dedication that they have for their craft.

The newest installment of Thumbnails is about Brooks Sterling, a lifestyle photographer and art director based out of North County San Diego. Brooks’ photography has a timeless aesthetic that stems from his keen eye and passion for shooting 35mm film. His timeless imagery captures the essence of surfing and skateboarding from a participatory perspective.

Thumbnails: Episode Six, explores Brooks’ creative process while shooting surf and skate sessions leading up to his most recent collaborative photo show, ROUTINE, at SAID Space. Throughout this episode, Brooks discusses why he chooses to shoot with analog cameras in order to capture meaningful moments on celluloid.

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Thumbnails: Episode Five // Chad Kaimanu Jackson.

Chad Kaimanu Jackson was born and raised in a small coastal town in Central California. He began surfing at a young age and by college he was traveling and surfing for multiple sponsors. Chad is well known for being a big wave pioneer and for surfing remote spots along the California coast.

Five years ago, Chad began shaping sustainable surfboards out of agave wood. He credits his father and Hawaiian lineage for the inspiration to create alternative surfboards that utilize non-toxic materials and function comparable to conventional toxic polyurethane foam surfboards. Chad's describes his unique surfboards as "functional pieces of art" and his meticulous shaping process is evidence of that.

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Music by: Jake Rosen & Kevin Skelly.

Special thanks to Ryan Miller for the last minute help. 

Thumbnails: Episode Four // Kelsey Brookes.

Kelsey Brookes is a painter based in San Diego. After graduating college Kelsey began working for the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) conducting scientific research during the first outbreak of West Nile Virus in the United States. After two years at the CDC, he moved to San Diego to work for a local lab that was creating blood tests for HIV, HCV, and HCB. 

After four years of working in that lab, Kelsey left the scientific community to pursue a career as a painter. Kelsey’s artistic pursuit stemmed from a year and a half spent traveling and living in a van in Australia, where he refined his artistic abilities and began surfing. Today, Kelsey is a well respected painter whose art melds his two passions of science and art. His pieces center around hallucinogenic compounds and their molecular make-up. Through his brush work he articulates and showcases an array of psychoactive drugs in a unique and fascinating manner. 

Kelsey’s new exhibit, PLANTS OF THE GODS, is on display at Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton, NY from June 20th - July 7th. For more of Kelsey’s work visit: and follow him on Instagram at

Thumbnails: Episode Three // Shelby Ling.

Shelby Ling is an artist, illustrator, and designer from Leucadia, California. Having grown up in Southern California, Shelby's artwork features a great deal of animated, surf-inspired imagery along with unique, blue cactus collages inspired by her time spent in the desert.

Shelby's skill set is one of great variety and her artwork showcases her ability to work with all kinds of mediums including, wood, paint, and fabric. Currently she is studying furniture design at San Diego State University while continuing to work as a freelance artist and self-proclaimed "co-parent".

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Thumbnails: Episode Two // Justin "Scrappers" Morrison.

Justin "Scrappers" Morrison is an artist and the founder of Stay Wild Magazine. Stay Wild Magazine is a free adventure magazine that Scrappers and his wife, Amy, run out of their creative workshop, Action, based in Portland, Oregon.

Scrappers' love of the outdoors and art is what makes Stay Wild such a unique and interesting quarterly publication. In the second episode of Thumbnails, Scrappers discusses why he started Stay Wild a year ago. 

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Earlier this year I decided I wanted to make a collection of short films about inspirational people in my community who make really unique work. While in Hawai'i two months ago, I had the opportunity to meet freelance photographer, Lenny Kāholo. After spending a day at his home studio, I knew he was the perfect person to showcase in my first episode of Thumbnails.

Lenny is a wizard when it comes to analog and wet plate photography. Wet plate photography is a tedious and time intensive process that requires a great deal of patience. Here is a brief look into the inner workings of wet plate photography during a portrait session with Lenny and John Hook.

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