Salvation Mountain


By now you've already seen plenty of photos from Salvation Mountain. This iconic art piece in the Imperial Valley can be seen from miles away due to its sheer size. The mountain's bright paint stands out when juxtaposed with the barren desert landscape that surrounds it.

Last month, a group of friends and I drove out to Salvation Mountain to explore Leonard Knight's masterpiece. It was my first time visiting Salvation Mountain and it was just as jaw dropping and interesting as I had expected. As we walked around Knight's creation I found it truly inspiring that one man dedicated a huge portion of his life to build such a beautiful monument. The mountain intrigues a wide range of visitors. Some people are drawn to it because they view it as a beautiful piece of art, some think it is a cool place to visit while in Southern California, and others are drawn to its religious symbolism. Regardless, Knight's legacy will forever be a part of this desolate landscape.